.Live and Lift Fitness

Covid-19 Safety Plan

Compliance with this plan is mandatory to participate in classes

  1. Classes need to be booked individually in advance by calling 250-562-6365 and making the reservation. Dates and Times will be available in the gym or on Social Media. [Facebook and Instagram]
  2. Individual rubber sanitized mats (4’x6’ in size) will be placed with a minimum distance of 3m apart in all directions from other mats to serve as an individual workout space.
  3. Please remain on your designated workout space for the duration of class.
  4. Spaces will be limited to 10 participants per class and 1 Instructor.
  5. A speaker and microphone setup will be used by the instructor.
  6. An additional Staff member will be available during the class to assist in adherence to safety guidelines and to answer questions.
  7. COVID Health Check questionnaire must be filled out prior to entering workout space.
  8. Please Sanitize your hands with provided hand sanitizer before entering the area, if you are not comfortable with the provided sanitizer, you may bring your own.
  9. Temperature checks will be done before entering the area.
  10. At the end of class, we ask that you disinfect any equipment that was used during the class. 

Group exercise is for you!

As kids, we loved to get together to play with our friends. As teenagers, our world revolved around our friends; oftentimes, our friends dictated our choice of activities. As adults, we still enjoy being active with friends, but don’t always feel like we have the time or opportunities to do so. Group exercise provides us with an opportunity to feel young again and be physically active with others.

Exercise is lot more fun when you have the camaraderie and support of other like-minded participants! That’s why Live & Lift Ladies Fitness offers a range of Group Fitness Classes, including Group Active (great for beginners), Group Blast (formerly Group Step), Group Centergy, Group Fight, Group Power and Group Ride. We also feature group classes in Zumba, Nia, and Hatha Yoga!

Our current weekly class schedule is shown below. You can filter what classes are shown by clicking the ‘class name tabs’ shown at the top of the calendar. Clicking the underlined class title (i.e., ZUMBA) will open a description of that class.

Group Power

Group Blast

Group Centergy

Group Fight